Lovely times with lovely people

Yesterday I planned to go into town because I had errands to run. Sonja planned to go across town because she had to buy a bike. We decided to smush our plans together and drag Dania and Leonoor along to make a day of it.And then the best thing happened... we woke up to snow! [...]


A brief update

Firstly, I feel that I should apologise for being so silent for the past two weeks. Yes, it's been exactly a fortnight since I wrote a blog post although it's not been for the want of trying. Life has been busy and I've also been ill a fair bit which hasn't been so much fun [...]

Getting back in the swing of things!

It's been like starting again. The scary leaving home feeling, the nerves about being in the right place, not knowing in advance who's in my class etc etc. It's weird.Luckily for me, my dad decided mother should book flights over with me; if she hadn't, my luggage wouldn't have fitted within allowance... and I probably [...]

Happy New Year!

Well, it's suddenly 2015 and oh my, time is going so fast. New Year's Eve was markedly better for my family than last year... we spent it at a Greek restaurant and danced into the early hours. Really good fun and a great way to spend any night, in all honesty!Of course, I've woken up [...]