Until We Meet Again.

When I moved to The Netherlands, just under three years ago now, I never planned on it being a long term thing. I was moving, quite literally, for my degree and on a bit of a whim. I'd been to the a few times before - for Castlefest and for my interview - but I [...]


We made it!

Well, we finally did it. On Friday 7th July I graduated along with a lot of the lovely people whose companionship and friendship has blessed me over the past three years. Additionally, I was lucky in that I got to share the day with my parents and with Leonoor, who came, not only as a [...]

Last days exploring the Netherlands

Well, my June of exploring is through and, for various reasons wasn't quite as exploratory as had previously been hoped. I've also not really been blogging, oops. All that said, today there was time for one last day trip and so Laura and I headed to the lovely Delft. Most of you who are reading [...]