AKA stage two of the 'convert Dania to this kind of thing' project.Getting up at five a.m. yesterday - my first day of a weekend of freedom - in order to meet Dania at silly o'clock so that we could make our way down to Dordrecht, I simply couldn't help but wonder to myself "is [...]


Freedom from Finals

Today was my final exam of the semester and, despite some trepidation, and perhaps because of the hyper-revision that inspired, I don't think I did overly badly. That said, needing the grades I need to reach my after bachelor's goals, this is a bit of a tense time as I watch blackboard waiting for the [...]

Budapest: Saturday

Relaxing, Lurking, and Crying.In a way, Saturday was the best day for me. No matter how nice it is to share somewhere you love with people it was nice to relax on Saturday and get off the complete tourist track, just relaxing a little bit with no real aim.Saturday saw the group split into two [...]


Budapest: Thursday

Touring, Eating, and Going to the TheatreOn Thursday I suggested that we took one of the hop-on hop-off buses around the city as they make it rather more accessible, aren't bad value, and have a night line which the others could use while I was out on Friday (although they didn't!). Everyone seemed to agree [...]


Budapest: Introduction and Wednesday

Lounging on my bed, waiting for the others to wake up fully on the first morning of our holiday I started to note down all that happened the day before ready for these blog posts. I'd never be able to remember all that had happened upon my return. Fighting with my phone keyboard I wrote [...]


The ‘got to happen’ political post

Yesterday, saw the results of the UK general election slowly but surely coming to light.After having to arrange to vote by proxy twice after my first proxy realised she wouldn't be in the country on the 7th either the hardest part was still to be decided, who to vote for. You see, the problem is [...]


Last bit of UK time for a wee while!

My week back home is drawing to a close as I sit here typing this, waiting for the time to come where I have to go to the airport and get on that plane to go back to university. These last hours before leaving are always the most strange as the inevitable slowly draws closer... [...]