Pre-Christmas London Adventures

I think it's pretty fair to say that I am not the most coordinated person ever so the thought of my ice-skating should probably fill you with horror. It certainly did my mother when I told her my plans to go out on the ice today. She told me to be careful not to break [...]


Five Things I Forget Every Year but Remember When Decorating

I am allergic to Christmas trees. I'm allergic to real ones. I'm allergic to my artificial one. I guess the pain brings a touch of realistically to the whole process. Christmas tree lights are possessed, particularly Dutch Christmas tree lights which apparently come in loops instead of strings... or at least the ones I have [...]

A month in summary form

As I commence writing there is but half an hour until my dinner date with The Usual Suspects. Laura, Dania and Thijs are coming round to my, rather bedraggled, flat and we're skyping in the absent pair (Sonja and Leonoor). It's not really enough time to write even a short post but, as I've been [...]


Getting into the Christmas Spirit!

As if Düsseldorf wasn't enough to get me in the Christmas mood, I put the Christmas decorations up on Monday ready for Tuesday when we were having our super early Secret Santa yesterdayThis is going to be an incredibly short post (rather than just ignore the fact that it happened) because I am completely drowning [...]


Three Countries in Two Days

So, having got back from England on Thursday (very kindly met at the airport by Ryan because I would not have made the journey back home alone), I promptly set out on my next adventure. This time I was off to Düsseldorf with Dania and Leonoor to explore the Christmas market.Leaving Amsterdam Centraal! No prizes [...]


Sinterklaas in Amsterdam

Today was the arrival of Sinterklaas in Amsterdam and, before I start, I'll preface this with pretty much the same disclaimer as last year:I'm still not Dutch so I'm talking about my understanding of things as an English person who's heard about all the traditions as such second and third hand. To any Dutch readers [...]


Christmas Time!

As I type this my father is upstairs watching The Great Escape, which seems to be on every single year at around this time,  and my mother is in bed as she's feeling ill again this year, bless her. She was ill last year which meant that we ended up having a second Christmas day [...]