It’s Almost Like Being Back At College… Almost

Today was day two in Exeter. I'd planned on spending longer here and meeting up with quite a few people, originally, but the best laid plans and so on!  A lot of my friends from the area have moved away (or spend time away) and it was hard to know who was around. I also [...]


And so, it continues.

Wow, this has been a long day. Today saw the journey from my place, near London, to Kim's place near Bridgwater. It's not the longest journey ever (says the passenger), but as Kim is hosting a fair number of people tonight, some of whom were arriving during the day, we needed to be back in [...]

Away with the fairies

I was so excited for this trip back to the good old Netherlands. It was going to be a short one, shorter than I would have liked, but one packed full of, well, fun stuff! There was also something of a fairy-tale theme with trips to both Elfia and Efteling lined up. Because this is [...]