Maastricht, Puppies, and a Cat

I finally made it to Maastricht. After years living in The Netherlands and with people telling me to go there, I managed to visit once I had moved out of the country. Actually, my inspiration for the trip was to see Dafni and Afroditi (affectionately nicknamed The Puppies despite their protestations) but the fact that [...]


I have some very talented friends

The past few days have been a whirlwind of activity - cliched phrasing, I know, but oh so accurate. I am, once again, in The Netherlands but this time the trip was inspired by a rather special opportunity (that soon blossomed into multiple opportunities)! I flew in late on Thursday as my mother requested I [...]

Reading Week Saw Less Reading than Planned

Okay, actually, I probably got most of what I had planned to do this week done and that which is still to do will most likely be completed on the plane home. I'm writing this at quite the pace while waiting to board so please do excuse any typos and general nonsense. So, if you [...]

December in Dutchland

The fact that I was to be spending ten days in the Netherlands in December was something that I had been looking forward to for quite some time. These flying visits have been brilliant but to have enough time to actually see people and take things at a bit more relaxed pace... now that would [...]

Pre-Birthday Trip to Dutch-land

Just because I've moved away from The Netherlands doesn't mean that you lot have managed to get rid of me yet! When I heard that Cesair was going to be playing a concert with Irfan, and my having missed the latter on their trip to the UK and thus not having seen them in too [...]

Away with the fairies

I was so excited for this trip back to the good old Netherlands. It was going to be a short one, shorter than I would have liked, but one packed full of, well, fun stuff! There was also something of a fairy-tale theme with trips to both Elfia and Efteling lined up. Because this is [...]