Elisabeth in Concert

Oh my wow. How to begin. I mean, this has been a bit of a surreal day! Any trip to see Elisabeth is exceptional. I so love the show and this is my third time seeing it. However, the fact that I just saw it with Pia Douwes playing the title role, Stanley Burleson as [...]


Gifts from afar

Okay, okay, Austria's not all that far but all the same when I received a parcel from 'Tascha, who happens to be a brilliant friend of mine, it was still pretty exciting.'Tascha and I were last together about a year ago when I visited Austria for my eighteenth birthday. She did absolutely everything she could to [...]

Youtube news!

About four years ago I first started to subtitle Elisabeth. It was about a week before my birthday and, having discovered the magic of this musical I decided I wanted to share it with my friends who were coming round to celebrate my birthday (although, of course, it wasn't finished in time). Thus I decided [...]


Fighting with Dutch

About a month ago I said that I was going to learn (some) Dutch in time for Castlefest. I had wanted to learn Dutch for quite some time and it seemed a great excuse to attempt it. Dutch also seemed possible to attempt as I'd been able to understand bits through my previous German and [...]


Names: to translate or not to translate?

Every now and then, translation can pose some problems. Do you translate something literally or change the literal meaning to get more of the implication and flavour? What do you do when there is an obvious rhythm, rhyme, plosive structure that matters but can’t be carried across into English? How do you translate it when [...]


Book Review: "The Reluctant Empress" by Brigitte Hamann

Rating: 5/5 starsBlurb:“Empress Elisabeth of Austria, known to her family as Sisi, belongs to a famous love story of European royalty. In 1853, the Emperor Franz Josef, the most eligible bachelor in Europe, fell in love with her at first sight when she was fifteen; they were married the next year. On the surface, it [...]