That time we almost watched the eclipse…

Who cares if cloud was forecast? With the promise of a pretty full eclipse I was determined to be outside, attempting to see it. Well, I managed on the first part, the last part wasn't quite so successful.After a quick ask round last night, Dania and Leonoor decided that they were both free, and stupid [...]


Taking The Mother to see Rapalje "Met de billen bloot"

It's Mother's Day on Sunday the 14th and I decided to use it as a complete and utter excuse to take my mother to various things etc etc. I know that using such (now) commercialised days may not be the best way to show genuine appreciation for someone but if you're trying to find an [...]

I’ve found my calling as a tourguide!

Last Friday I was busy bouncing around with excitement. Some of my gig friends from the UK were coming out to visit and also to go to a couple of the Within Temptation theatre shows and somehow the mass facebook chats had made me feel as if I was going on holiday. Of course, Friday [...]