Pre-Birthday Trip to Dutch-land

Just because I've moved away from The Netherlands doesn't mean that you lot have managed to get rid of me yet! When I heard that Cesair was going to be playing a concert with Irfan, and my having missed the latter on their trip to the UK and thus not having seen them in too [...]


Gig Ramblings: Theodor Bastard, Cesair, and Jyoti Verhoeff and Maya Fridman

Usually I take notes on the way back and write the actual blog post when I'm slightly more with it. I am, however, painfully aware of the fact that I have an excruciating number of things to do tomorrow and it is a long train journey home. What else am I going to do? Socialise [...]

Spoiled for good music

This installment of "I'm going to way too many shows and should probably actually work towards my upcoming finals instead" features La Horde, Rastaban, and Cesair who performed at P60 in Amstelveen last weekend. I actually started writing this post the day after and had intended to get it up that day but there was [...]


I Survived Castlefest

As I write this, I'm sat in my parents' house in England where I'm spending a few days before I jet off back to Poland. Yep, the Castlefest blues have set in quite thoroughly by now! In short, the weekend was quite fantastic, there's no doubt about that, and waiting a year until next time [...]


Castlefest 2015

"I wasn't at the festival because I was very sick but, when I was there, I was trying to make Dafni dance" -Havanah's Castlefest according to Dafni From left to right, Heleen, Dafni, me.This year's post isn't going to be quite the same size as those in previous years. I usually try and comment on every aspect [...]



I've been rather spoiled when it comes to good music, recently. Last weekend saw the usual group of Thijs, Hester and myself joined by Leonoor, Dania and Hester's boyfriend heading off to Almere once more for one of the Celt-N-Folk events. The sound was a bit off for most of the evening which was a shame [...]


More music time: Cesair and The Moon and the Nightspirit

Firstly I should probably apologise for the delay once again. This refers to last Saturday so I guess I'm under a week late which is good with my recent track record. Deadlines, exams, and illness have decided to destroy any semblance of organisation in my life, as usual! I did actually take my camera to [...]