Musings on how amazing the human body really is

Today I did something I have not done in, quite literally, years and played my keyboard. It got put out of the way of the first flood for safekeeping and never had a home again. I'm planning to get it shipped to the Netherlands as I'd like to play again. It was never an instrument [...]


Jesus Christ Superstar

Yesterday evening, my parents and I popped down to Bristol (not exactly a short journey) to see Jesus Christ Superstar at the Bristol Hippodrome. I've only seen the musical live once, in Hungary a while back, and I was rather looking forward to seeing it again.Jesus Christ Superstar is, in my opinion, a good musical [...]

Lack of routine leads to boring blog posts but to happy Havanahs

Ah, the freedom of the last weeks has allowed me to reacquaint myself with so many old friends... sleep... art... music... Aimee...I also seem to have made some new friends as my shower gel (or that's what we think it must be) seems to attract moths. Seriously, I spend most evenings covered in moths and [...]


End of the semester and home!

Well, this post is the first of what will undoubtedly become a fair few to be written in England. That's right, I'm home and it is lovely to be back.But, since my last incredibly rambling post a little bit has happened so lets attempt to do this in some logical order! As I mentioned, I [...]