So, apparently I’m nineteen now. How’d that happen?

The majority of my birthday has been spent reclining in a hotel bed attempting to shake off the remaining fluey feelings. I’m not complaining because I wasn’t really celebrating my birthday this year due to the general chaos of life! That said, I’ve had a good day 🙂 I think the highlight for me was my [...]


And that was my weekend!

The weekend was absolutely wonderful. I saw the amazing Rapalje, for a full review click here, and then it was off to Cardiff to see the best friend Aimee.Arriving in her flat at about five on the Saturday I wasn’t overly shocked to see that it was about as much of a mess as her [...]

Making Aimee’s present, the Harry Potter Cake

This blog post is a scheduled post, written during the last week but set to automatically post while I'm at Aimee's.____________________________So, right now I'm visiting The Annoying One in Cardiff, where she's just started university (my little girl's growing up!). Anyway, this visit falls on the Weekend Between Our Birthdays which means it's a party [...]

Seeing one of my favourite bands in one of my favourite places

So, last Friday, as I mentioned, I got to see the most wonderful Rapalje perform their first show in England, namely in Glastonbury. They played two shows, the Friday and the Saturday, but, unfortunately I was only able to attend the Friday night performance. Oh well!Rapalje are a Dutch folk band playing manly Irish and [...]

A joyous week

Well, I have to find some way to keep both Teddy and myself amused when staying in Travelodges, right?The last week has been simply wonderful. The (undisclosed) family issues are ongoing but the events of the last seven days have managed to prevail and I have had a fantastic time. Happy October is winning ;-)As [...]