Introducing my canary

For the next installment in my 'introducing friends' series I want to introduce you to this cheeky little thing.I think he decided that if he turned his back I'd stopharassing him with the camera!Now, for those of you who are friends of mine and are wondering why my canary is getting a post before you [...]


An eventful few days

On Monday, after singing, I went down to Exeter to collect my exam certificates from college. It was really strange to be back in the old building, walking the same old routes, yet without one familiar face along the way. I can't say I miss college but I do miss some of the people who [...]

Oh hello winter!

Over the last couple of days the winter chill has really crept in. Father claims that he saw snow this morning albeit not heavy enough to settle and, living in a house with no carpets and holes in the windows it's pretty darn chilly!Actually, today was the first day of the season that caused me [...]


A return to essays

Over the past couple of days I have been working towards something, something I'm not going to talk about online until I have something solid to say (although I've mentioned it to a couple of friends). Anyway, this basically means that I have been working on essay writing all the time. Yuk.Okay, I quite like [...]


I can no longer restrain myself therefore it is Christmas

Now, most of you who know me well, i.e. the majority of people who actually bother to read this, know that I love Christmas. You also know that I usually get into the Christmas mood around June time - certainly by August - so I think I've done pretty well not mentioning it (much) until [...]


Gifts from afar

Okay, okay, Austria's not all that far but all the same when I received a parcel from 'Tascha, who happens to be a brilliant friend of mine, it was still pretty exciting.'Tascha and I were last together about a year ago when I visited Austria for my eighteenth birthday. She did absolutely everything she could to [...]


Art, music, life

The title pretty much sums up what's going on pretty now. By day I'm being a noisy pest playing various instruments and by night I'm attacking things with paint.ArtArt wise, I'm mainly working on scrapbooks in various forms right now. I've actually not finished my Castlefest book yet. In my defence it does take a [...]