Getting back in the swing of things!

It’s been like starting again. The scary leaving home feeling, the nerves about being in the right place, not knowing in advance who’s in my class etc etc. It’s weird.
Luckily for me, my dad decided mother should book flights over with me; if she hadn’t, my luggage wouldn’t have fitted within allowance… and I probably wouldn’t have been emotionally strong enough to get on the plane. It’s not that I didn’t want to come back here but rather that I didn’t want to leave there. It’s hard for me not being around my family.
Anyway, for the next four weeks I’m taking just one course ‘The Global Identity Experience’ which is basically all day, every day. If the course title sounds vague then I apologise (although it’s not my fault) and welcome you to the world of AUC! It’s a course that’s a mixture of research and anthropological/sociological theory and looks at social identity and minority groupings, particularly in this age of accelerated globalisation. The course itself looks rather interesting, if the work load is a little heavy, and the teacher won me over when he suggested we may like to take our shoes off in class. For someone who regularly wears flip-flops and enjoys going barefoot… well, he’s got my vote!
All joking aside, it has been great to be back and to hang out with, and catch up with, friends. Mind you, there was one scary moment last night when, mid conversation, we heard someone scratching on the door… which we also realised was unlocked. Eventually we plucked up the courage went out to see what was going on and found this message on the door:
Can you tell that I’ve hastily and badly edited out my room number? hehe
Sadly, it wasn’t just us who were scared half to death but my next door neighbour as see was looking out the door  and Laura realised (after the event) that she was still holding a rather large knife from cutting up apple pie when she went out to explore…. oops! Mind you, as I got no sleep last night due to extremely loud music coming from that side, I don’t feel too bad about it.
So yeah, thank you Robbert for the sweet message ❤
Yep, I feel good to be back now 😀

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