Book review – ‘Beyond the Wildlands’ by Lana Axe

 Rating: 1/5 starsPlot:"An elf of the Wildlands recounts his adventures in this fantasy short story. Jhinn, an elf from the wooded area known as the Wildlands, has lived an adventurous life. A master with a bow, he has joined forces with a human army to rid the forest of savage trolls. During training, he falls [...]



Before you read this and think that the above title means I've got into the university, I'll just make it clear: I still don't know!However, for me, the last couple of days have been a great success. Firstly, and most importantly for me, I managed to catch two flights, several trains, and go through the [...]

A week and a half to go!

Gosh, it feels like all things are go right now.The other day I went to the doctors (I managed to get an appointment, hurrah!) and have been put on some daily medication to see if this helps with my general illness. It's a low dose and the idea is, if it causes a positive change [...]


I don’t know how to title this so let’s call it "Aimee"

Curry and naan and a happy Aimee.Last weekend, well a couple of days ago, I got to stay with my annoying childhood best friend and might-as-well-be-a-sister Aimee, having not seen her since Christmas (and then only for two minutes as I dropped off her gift).As always, we had a wonderful time. An unsuccessful search for [...]


Seeing the musical ‘Ghost’

Last night, a couple of days before the end of the tour, I finally managed to do something I had desperately wanted to do, see the musical Ghost.Based on the film of the same name, the musical sees lovers Sam and Molly separated by a seemingly random robbery-shooting in which Sam is killed. While Molly [...]