A day of ick

Well, I didn't plan to be here right now. I should be in The Netherlands, ready to get things sorted out for The Move and, of course, ready to go off to Castlefest. Instead, I am in a hotel opposite the airport, hoping I'll be able to fly tomorrow.I wouldn't mind all that much except [...]


Well, that’s that then

As I write this I'm whizzing down the road in a van half laden with my stuff, the final things ready for The Move. Incidentally, that also means that this is the first blog post I've written on my phone which means anything could happen.Sitting next to my bass guitar with my desk in pieces [...]

It’s been a while

So, my last post was just after the Reckless Love show which, in all honest, feels like an eternity ago. The days since then have been filled with preparations for the move, buying a thousand things, arranging a million meetings... worryingly, I'm not exaggerating very much!Anyway, the point being, while the last few weeks have [...]


Book review – ‘The Sense of Darkness’ by Cinzia De Santis

Rating: 5/5 starsPlot:"Clara is a blind girl who lives in Sabana, a small village in Latin America, raised by her aunt Trinidad. Despite her handicap, Clara is adventurous, curious and very much in charge of her life. Thanks to her acute sense of smell, she becomes a renowned healer. Her world falls apart when members [...]


Another night of Reckless Love

I will start this blog post with a warning. If something doesn't make sense it's because I haven't quite recovered from the brilliance that was last night and my brain may not be in gear!Yesterday was another trip to Bristol for an evening of music at The Fleece. It also heralded the last gig that [...]


Gathering momentum

With each passing day it's getting closer to The Move, and that's to be expected. What I didn't expect was the way that, with each passing day, time starts barrelling forwards with more and more speed. Suddenly, July is here and with it the daunting phrase: "One more month".Interestingly, the emotions which have been ballooning [...]