Wait, January happened?

I think it's fair enough to say that January has been one of those months, my end. It's gone by in a whirl - certainly assisted by the fact that I can't remember half of it - and not exactly as planned. I guess we should have got the drift when we were up at [...]


New Year’s Resolutions

As a child I came up with this genius idea that my New Year's Resolution should be to not make any resolutions. Child me thought it was easy. Teenage me realised it was inherently paradoxical but, hey, it still works, right? Last year I actually made a couple of proper resolutions which were to write [...]

A month in summary form

As I commence writing there is but half an hour until my dinner date with The Usual Suspects. Laura, Dania and Thijs are coming round to my, rather bedraggled, flat and we're skyping in the absent pair (Sonja and Leonoor). It's not really enough time to write even a short post but, as I've been [...]


I can safely say this is the first time I’ve ever ‘built’ a tree.

The day before Zoë and I were due to fly to England the unthinkable happened. My (artificial) Christmas tree suddenly arrived. I know... a week late! Anyway, we hurriedly arranged the troops to make good on earlier plans to meet up and decorate.I don't have to explain to you how much I love Christmas. If [...]



Today's the 5th of December which is celebrated as the feast day of Saint Nicolas or Sinterklaas. A few weeks back I blogged about the 'Saint's arrival' and finally the big day is here.Although, from my understanding, a children's festival generally, my Dutch friends seemed pretty keen to celebrate together. As the festival seems to [...]


"Are you going to put this on your blog?"

Why yes, Zoë, I am!I sit here with aching feet having traversed cobbles in completely inappropriate footwear, but having had an all in all lovely day.Enjoying being a tourist in my own country :-DIt would just be my luck to choose the one day with buckets of rain to visit the city of Oxford but [...]


Seriously not the Christmas I was expecting

Just before writing this post, I read the end of the last entry I wrote (the one of the24th as I wrote the one of the 25thbefore leaving home):“I am pleased that I get to spend it with my parents, however, and I know that I am lucky to have them here.”There’s something slightly sickly [...]