End of an era

For some reason, my trip to see Aimee last week, brilliant as it was, and I will go into that below, seems to have triggered a slight feeling of sadness within me. In some ways, it feels as though it was the beginning of the process of change. Saying 'goodbye' to your best friend and [...]


One year of blogging

It was exactly one year ago that I made my first post here. I had just finished my exams and I felt pretty low about them because, to be honest, I felt I hadn't done so well. However, it was the start of my gap year, my exciting year of travelling and fun, and I decided [...]

This is a blog post, if you couldn’t tell!

The last week or so has meandered by quite peacefully. I've been painting, playing music, going to singing lessons generally pottering.As I write, I am procrastinating several things, the Marie Antoinette translation being one of them (don't hurt me), gardening being the other. Quite frankly, I think I might do the gardening first except I'm [...]