Flying home for Apocalyptica and Vamps

It's got to be said, last night was probably one of the best gigs I've ever been to. It's most certainly up there. Wow.It was really strange, a few weeks back I was talking with the wonderful Gemma about Apocalyptica and I was half joking about flying to England to see them again with her. [...]


Sinterklaas in Amsterdam

Today was the arrival of Sinterklaas in Amsterdam and, before I start, I'll preface this with pretty much the same disclaimer as last year:I'm still not Dutch so I'm talking about my understanding of things as an English person who's heard about all the traditions as such second and third hand. To any Dutch readers [...]

Belated Birthday Party

"I never want to see another cake"For the majority of last weekend, and the beginning of this week, I was frantically baking with one event in mind. I felt my sanity wearing away. Dinner was frequently cake off-cuts. Tuesday evening came and it was all so worth it.I have the best friends ever, you know.The [...]


I’m too young to be 21!

Credit where credit is due, the title is courtesy of something The Best Friend said a little while back but with which I can connect on a deep level!Liquid lunch in Hooray's I've actually always hated my birthdays. I mean that pretty literally too, even as a child I dreaded them. I don't like the fact [...]