New Year’s Resolutions

As a child I came up with this genius idea that my New Year's Resolution should be to not make any resolutions. Child me thought it was easy. Teenage me realised it was inherently paradoxical but, hey, it still works, right? Last year I actually made a couple of proper resolutions which were to write [...]


Winter Castlefest

This post was written about a fortnight after the event from notes taken on the day. There will be a gaps where I didn't write bits down at the time so the music section's not as in depth as usual. Oh and there are no photos because I am still not used to the new [...]

Midwinter Fair

Before we get started, I will warn you, this is another festival post so it is, as always, going to be rather disorganised. It was a two day festival and I only saw two bands twice (Rapalje and Pyrolysis) so I'm just going to go through in vaguely chronological order. I'm also going to smush the [...]