Reading Week Saw Less Reading than Planned

Okay, actually, I probably got most of what I had planned to do this week done and that which is still to do will most likely be completed on the plane home. I'm writing this at quite the pace while waiting to board so please do excuse any typos and general nonsense. So, if you [...]


We made it!

Well, we finally did it. On Friday 7th July I graduated along with a lot of the lovely people whose companionship and friendship has blessed me over the past three years. Additionally, I was lucky in that I got to share the day with my parents and with Leonoor, who came, not only as a [...]

The Post in Which Havanah Gets Completely Overexcited About Visiting an Art Gallery . . .

Wednesday saw my art history class go to the Hermitage museum in the centre of town. This museum is a branch of the Russian museum of the same name. It isn't one of the state owned Dutch museums and it instead operates, I believe, completely privately. It means it's a bit pricier to get in [...]


End of the semester and home!

Well, this post is the first of what will undoubtedly become a fair few to be written in England. That's right, I'm home and it is lovely to be back.But, since my last incredibly rambling post a little bit has happened so lets attempt to do this in some logical order! As I mentioned, I [...]


I’ve found my calling as a tourguide!

Last Friday I was busy bouncing around with excitement. Some of my gig friends from the UK were coming out to visit and also to go to a couple of the Within Temptation theatre shows and somehow the mass facebook chats had made me feel as if I was going on holiday. Of course, Friday [...]


A brief update

Firstly, I feel that I should apologise for being so silent for the past two weeks. Yes, it's been exactly a fortnight since I wrote a blog post although it's not been for the want of trying. Life has been busy and I've also been ill a fair bit which hasn't been so much fun [...]


Getting back in the swing of things!

It's been like starting again. The scary leaving home feeling, the nerves about being in the right place, not knowing in advance who's in my class etc etc. It's weird.Luckily for me, my dad decided mother should book flights over with me; if she hadn't, my luggage wouldn't have fitted within allowance... and I probably [...]