Happy New Year!

So, I don't think I've ever written a blog post at quite this hour or, indeed, after drinking quite so much ouzo. This will probably be one of those posts I do not re-read in the future. Just the thought of doing so makes me cringe! Anyway! The reason I'm writing this post now as [...]


Easter in England

It's been a while so, as you can imagine, this post is likely to be a bit of a mixed bundle. In short, I've been super busy with deadlines and, therefore, have been avoiding anything unrelated. I've actually been in England for the last week too so every moment that isn't university related has been [...]

I’m too young to be 21!

Credit where credit is due, the title is courtesy of something The Best Friend said a little while back but with which I can connect on a deep level!Liquid lunch in Hooray's I've actually always hated my birthdays. I mean that pretty literally too, even as a child I dreaded them. I don't like the fact [...]


Lack of routine leads to boring blog posts but to happy Havanahs

Ah, the freedom of the last weeks has allowed me to reacquaint myself with so many old friends... sleep... art... music... Aimee...I also seem to have made some new friends as my shower gel (or that's what we think it must be) seems to attract moths. Seriously, I spend most evenings covered in moths and [...]


End of the semester and home!

Well, this post is the first of what will undoubtedly become a fair few to be written in England. That's right, I'm home and it is lovely to be back.But, since my last incredibly rambling post a little bit has happened so lets attempt to do this in some logical order! As I mentioned, I [...]



I'm free! I'm free! I'm free!Oh my! What is this strange feeling of euphoria?Eating ice-cream and pretending we're back on holiday holiday.Yesterday, despite having a lovely raging temperature the day before, I sat my final exam of German and walked out into the world of (temporary) liberty. Due to the lucky fact that most of [...]


Last bit of UK time for a wee while!

My week back home is drawing to a close as I sit here typing this, waiting for the time to come where I have to go to the airport and get on that plane to go back to university. These last hours before leaving are always the most strange as the inevitable slowly draws closer... [...]