Escaping the bubble

Before setting out. Photo stolen from Leonoor.As one of my classes has called a reading week this week, I had no class today (which was bliss) and a group of us used the chance to get out of the bubble and explore town a bit.We caught the tram in and grabbed some really tasty pasta [...]


Socialising, studying, and a new phone number.

You have no idea how hard it was for me to break from recently established routine this week with the bike post thing. Anyway, no worries, we're back to the Sunday Summary for today at least ;-)I guess, although I posted a status about it on Facebook, I should probably mention the choir audition. Wendy [...]

I swear, there is no logic to riding something with two wheels!

So, finally, after many weeks of deliberating (*), Dania and I agreed to attempt to learn to cycle on the evening of the twenty-third of September two-thousand and fourteen.Luckily on leaving my room and attempting to unlock my bike I encountered Robbert, one of my neighbours. Seeing my feeble attempts to free my bicycle from [...]


One month on!

As it seems that I have taken to writing weekly summaries on a Sunday (it's not planned) it just happens, I expected this to be another boring post full of nothingness with which to numb the minds of the poor souls who actually read this. Well, it probably is going to be that still, don't [...]


A rant on the situation with Scotland

I will start this blog post by saying that you can guess the topic from the title. I am not entering into a political debate, nor do I intend to, and have stopped this post from going onto facebook to make it less visible. This is a personal post about my feelings about situations surrounding [...]


In which technology gets the better of the Chadburn family (etc)

It's six P.M. on a Thursday and I've just settled down to dinner after a long day of arguing with the housing association and electrician visits. Naturally, my dad chooses this moment to phone me. He's decided, despite the fact that this is the man who managed to break two computers in the space of [...]


Entering the second week!

It's really funny the things that you miss when you're away from home. I quite expected to find myself a quivering wreck frequently through not being around my family (and friends). However, while I miss people, and I'm finding life a lot easier than I expected, I've found that it's the practical little things that [...]