Lovely times with lovely people

Yesterday I planned to go into town because I had errands to run. Sonja planned to go across town because she had to buy a bike. We decided to smush our plans together and drag Dania and Leonoor along to make a day of it.

And then the best thing happened… we woke up to snow! I have so been hoping for snow recently as I seem to keep being in the wrong country when it does snow and therefore keep missing it. Yes, I know, I’m very much a child when it comes to things like this. Annoyingly, the weather did mean that Leonoor decided to stay behind as she wasn’t feeling top form and didn’t want to be out in the cold and wet. We missed her but she was definitely wise as today I’ve been feeling absolutely awful but there we go. It was worth it 😉

A bit worn down as this photo was taken late in the morning.
The view from my window was truly stunning at dawn.

I can’t say that I managed to do what I wanted to do in town but had a great day, nevertheless. We messed around in the shops a little and spent a bit too much money for a student budget, or I did anyway. Because we’ve not got classes together at the moment we’re having to put in a bit more effort to socialise so those times when we do manage to meet up are extra special.

Custom made magnum icecreams might not have been
100% appropriate for the weather but they were worth it!

And, as if it wasn’t enough to spend the day with that wonderful duo, I finally managed to pin down The Best Friend and skype with her. I’ve been here for all but six months now and this is the first time I’ve managed to catch her on skype. Impressive.

It was a combination of madness and of chilledness. Both in our dressing gowns, we managed to call for three hours. Admittedly, that call involved me watching her make dinner but, for the most part, it was just chatting, catching up and messing around. 
The fact we’re not in the same physical space will not stop my
photo taking obsession. You’re never safe mwahaha.

And then I missed the Aimee. 


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