CD Review – ‘Folk for the People’ a benefit compilation for the victims of repression in Ukraine

So, a few weeks ago I threatened you with promised another review post centring around the Folk for the People folk compilation. In my last post on the subject, I focused on the cause behind the subject, the recent events in Ukraine, and poked you all into buying the thing. Now I'm going to mainly [...]


I survived Easter ;-)

So far, so good.In all fairness, I had a wonderful weekend. Although I don't celebrate Easter as a religious festival, I do celebrate with with my family but in a kinda secular way. I had the bright idea to make hot cross buns for Good Friday. My first ever attempt and it went disastrously wrong. [...]

Now they want to put me on a bike

Blogging isn't really happening right now which is down to a mixture of my life being really busy which means I don't have much time, and my life being full of things that are interesting for me but dull to read about even duller than normal.For the most part, I'm sorting out stuff to do [...]