"Are you going to put this on your blog?"

Why yes, Zoë, I am!I sit here with aching feet having traversed cobbles in completely inappropriate footwear, but having had an all in all lovely day.Enjoying being a tourist in my own country :-DIt would just be my luck to choose the one day with buckets of rain to visit the city of Oxford but [...]


For those who are sitting, and are stressed about, exams

The funny thing about my gap year is that I'm stuck in my own little bubble away from the press of life and yet I still see it going on around me. I watch as friends get really worried about their exams, tormented by worries about whether they will pass or fail. I suppose that, [...]

Book review – ‘Ring of Flowers’ by Brian Andrews

Rating: 4/5 starsPlot:"In 1665, in the Derbyshire village of Eyam, the tailor, George Vicars orders a bolt of fabric from London to make a wedding dress for his betrothed daughter, Kathryn. To escape her fate of marrying the town's wealthiest and most odious bachelor, she elopes with her true love, farmhand Paul Foster. Kathryn's departure [...]


Book review – ‘A Storm of Swords, I: Steel and Snow’ by George R.R. Martin

This review is for the first part of the third book in a series and may therefore contain spoilers for the preceding books. For my review of book one please see 'A Game of Thrones' and for book two, 'A Clash of Kings'.Rating: 5/5 starsPlot:"Winter approaches Westeros like an angry beast. The Seven Kingdoms are [...]


Busy with nothing (as usual)

It's amazing how life can seem so chaotic yet, when you look back on what you've actually been doing, rather non-productive.A lot of things are centering around The Move which, as one would expect, is a bit of a focus. I finally phoned up Glasgow uni and withdrew today, well, started the process. Seriously, phoning [...]


DVD Review – ‘Von den Elben: deluxe edition’ by Faun

This is a rather long, description of the contents of the DVD part of 'Von den Elben: Deluxe Edition', reviewed here. The aim of this is to help people to decide if it's worth buying the Deluxe Edition of the album when they already own the CD and therefore includes quite a lot of detail [...]


A lot of stuff mushed together in one post

So, I'm getting really good at writing about what I did about a week after I actually did it. So, this post starts off talking about Shakespeare's birthday celebrations, goes on to talk about my singing, and ends up with me talking about painting stuff for the Castlefest scrapbook. Feel free to skip to bits [...]