Last day of November

Well, this has crept up on me somewhat. There's only three weeks of university left until the end of term and tomorrow will be the first day of Busy December... the month of at least one 'event' a day. Eep.It's been a long time coming but, after about six hours work they're up at last!Today [...]


Visting Utrecht…kinda…

I'm attempting to blog each time I visit a place outside of Amsterdam or go to a specific event in order to give those of you back in the UK (or elsewhere outside of the Netherlands) a bit of an insight into the country, as I find it. However, today's trip to Utrecht wasn't the [...]

Musical interlude

Having worked so very hard over the last few weeks it seemed only right that I took some time out today for a bit of music. I mean, it's not like I'm having to work so hard because I have booked a social/music event for every day in December, until Christmas... right? Sarcastic appraisal of [...]


Sinterklaas’ arrival!

Before I start I should probably say that:I am writing this after pulling a complete all nighter and therefore my brain, and my fingers, feel as though they are floating. If this post makes sense and isn't scattered with errors it will be a miracle.I am writing this for my non-Dutch friends so if you're [...]


Wow, wow, and wow once again!

I don't normally write blog posts straight after shows - I'm incoherent even when I'm mentally at my best - but this one time I feel an exception must be made. I've just come back from seeing Apocalyptica with Maria and I simply have to write.I don't normally feel both as exhausted and exhilarated as [...]


An evening in Amsterdam

I'll admit that, when I first moved here, Amsterdam didn't really catch my imagination. Everything seemed a bit artificial and I just couldn't see the appeal of the city itself. However, I've found myself rapidly falling in love with the place. The more time you spend here and the more you explore of the tourist [...]


"Happy Amazing Birthday"

It's Monday and the weekend is drawing to a close. My parents have left, class has just finished, there are assignments staring at me with eyes full of judgement. I feel sad to see the end of this time but generally happy that it has been so beautiful.My parents arrived on Thursday which, quite frankly, [...]