Putting things back in perspective

Yesterday was difficult for me. It saw me miss out on something that I was really looking forward to (well several things really) because I wasn't well. In my ill haze I couldn't help but feel angry with myself, after all it was as though my own body was letting me down...again. Yesterday it felt [...]


Book review – ‘God of Wine’ by Elizabeth Zahzam

Rating: 5/5 starsPlot:"When Dionysus, god of theatre and wine, manipulates the lives of two struggling performers, the results are as dramatic as theatre itself. Struggling to overcome his history as a drunk, Broadway star Taylor O'Neal lives a guarded life and seeks escape from the man who made him a star. His benefactor and former [...]

Well, I didn’t get quite as far as intended

Okay, I'll be honest, today has been a horrible day. It's been one of the worst days in a long, long time. I was supposed to be going to Amsterdam to look around the university I applied to but I didn't manage to leave the country.I didn't feel top form when I woke up this [...]


Would you enter someone’s home uninvited?

Beware, this is a bit of a rant.About fifteen minutes ago, I signed for a parcel on behalf of my neighbours. Now, I do this quite often and it's not the end of the world. They go out while I work from home. Usually the person delivering the parcel rings my front door bell, I [...]


Book review – ‘Tea, Sandwiches and Hardcore Pornography’ by Trevor Mcinsley

Rating: 4.5/5 starsPlot:"From the creator of Sixteen Alligators and a Trebuchet, Trevor Mcinsley Moments and any number of other books that you have never heard of comes... this book. Yeah, melodrama is not my strong suit. Fortunately comedy is...Trevor Mcinsley is a man with one simple aim: To find out what happens when you send [...]


And life keeps on moving on

So it's apparently 2014 now. Who'd have thought it! Nothing's really changed which is no surprise after all true change is a steady process as opposed to a split moment. This morning, however, I did get something a bit new for the new year and that would be this beautiful little whistle to replace the one [...]