Summing up a month of life in circa 1000 words

Featuring, in this order: A brief update on what's been going on. Capstone ramblings. Oh look, I still don't know what I'm doing with my life. Apparently I'm making a costume for Elfia because I hadn't got enough on my plate.   It's been over a month since I last wrote a blog post! Can [...]


That whole Brexit referendum thing.

This is most certainly not for facebook because, heavens, I could not put up with the inevitable flame war that would arise. It's also on the topic of something that is upsetting me and it's therefore perhaps not the most coherent and I'm not sure if I get my point across but, having spent ages [...]

A month in summary form

As I commence writing there is but half an hour until my dinner date with The Usual Suspects. Laura, Dania and Thijs are coming round to my, rather bedraggled, flat and we're skyping in the absent pair (Sonja and Leonoor). It's not really enough time to write even a short post but, as I've been [...]


Not waving but drowning

I've got to be honest, I've always hated the poem that inspired the title of this post, ever since I first read it as a child and it made me sad. But that aside, it does kinda sum up how I've been feeling over the past few weeks.The past semester has been basically non-stop which [...]


Getting into the Christmas Spirit!

As if Düsseldorf wasn't enough to get me in the Christmas mood, I put the Christmas decorations up on Monday ready for Tuesday when we were having our super early Secret Santa yesterdayThis is going to be an incredibly short post (rather than just ignore the fact that it happened) because I am completely drowning [...]


Three Countries in Two Days

So, having got back from England on Thursday (very kindly met at the airport by Ryan because I would not have made the journey back home alone), I promptly set out on my next adventure. This time I was off to Düsseldorf with Dania and Leonoor to explore the Christmas market.Leaving Amsterdam Centraal! No prizes [...]


Belated Birthday Party

"I never want to see another cake"For the majority of last weekend, and the beginning of this week, I was frantically baking with one event in mind. I felt my sanity wearing away. Dinner was frequently cake off-cuts. Tuesday evening came and it was all so worth it.I have the best friends ever, you know.The [...]