More music time: Cesair and The Moon and the Nightspirit

Firstly I should probably apologise for the delay once again. This refers to last Saturday so I guess I'm under a week late which is good with my recent track record. Deadlines, exams, and illness have decided to destroy any semblance of organisation in my life, as usual! I did actually take my camera to [...]


Space, pancakes, and murder

Having had various people complaining about lack of recent blog post I felt that I simply had no choice but to write one. The silence has not been because of lack of inspiration or lack of stuff going on, quite to the contrary.  There have been posts half finished, or totally finished but for pictures, [...]

Starting the semester

The faster life goes the more I have to write about and the less time to do it.I'm really not complaining. I like busy!Mother managed to fit the bronze owl I got given for Christmas in her case weight allowance. Magic woman!Today I said goodbye to my mother who was out for a few days visiting... [...]