Too much life, not enough time!

Well, things seem to be progressing at an extraordinary rate right now and it feels like I have simply too much to do in the time I have. That said, when asked, I also don't have any real plans for the next year so I'm not quite sure how that's working out!First thing to mention [...]


CD Review – ‘Dies, Nox et Omnia’ by Cesair

Rating: 5/5 stars (and then some!)Genre: Epic FolkReview: I’d liked what I’d seen of Cesair, I’d followed the previews of their album with excitement, I saw them at Castlefest and loved what I saw but nothing could have prepared me for actually listening to their album.It’s rare that you have a CD that is perfect. Even among [...]

Introducing Nené

I've not written about this one in the blog so far because we've not seen each other in far too long. That doesn't mean that she doesn't deserve her own post, or that she's not a special munchkin so here we go.Meet Helena, or, as I like to call her Nené.It looks sweet but I [...]


Getting back into music

Music has always been a passion of mine. I grew up with a mixture of country music, Elvis Presley, opera, and Native American chants. In all honesty, the latter was my favourite by far. I adored singing and would sing all over the place. Have you ever heard a six year old performing a rendition [...]


The Day

This introduction is written when I know my grades and on results day, the rest, as you will see, was written some time in advance. This was written as a bit of a self righteous rant. I saw my friends consumed with worry and I am talking about friends who were likely to achieve and [...]


Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning

If you’ve been reading my twitter recently then you’re probably fed up of hearing about cleaning. You probably don’t want to read this blog either!For those of you who haven’t been reading my regular postings of under 140 characters (and who could blame you?) then I will explain a little. In short, my life has [...]


Castlefest round up, ‘new’ house, and lack of internet

Tuesday, I returned from Castlefest to a house that is not suitable for human habitation. You’ll excuse me if I’m a little down about that. However, being someone who is generally optimistic, after an initial cry, I am looking forward to the future and am confident that I will get it sorted and will manage [...]