Thinks she’s intimidating…
actually super tiny and adorable

Leonoor, or Nora, was the first of the “Humanity Babes” I met. She sat herself next to me in the second class we shared together and started talking to me as though we weren’t complete strangers. For my part, I spent days trying to work out whether I was supposed to actually know her. Turned out that was just Leonoor doing a Leonoor because if there’s one thing she is good at it’s talking strangers and anyone who stands still long enough to death. Of course, that’s one of many reasons why we love her 😉

Don’t trust the cute smile!! It may well be the last thing you do!

She’s the person who managed to half terrify one of my friends by speaking alcohol inspired French to her for a whole evening. She’s the one who came round to my flat so that I didn’t have to spend my first pancake day in the Netherlands alone and ate pancakes and watch television with me all night. She’s the one who, along with Dania and Zoë, helped me decorate my tree for my first Christmas here. All in all, she’s one of my keep-sane-while-living-abroad friends.

Equally, she’s the one who has really gone out of her way to make sure I get to experience as much of the Netherlands as possible. It’s impossible to overlook the way she went waaaay out of her way to make (what was my first) Sinterklaas special for the non-Dutch and Dutch alike. She’s actually quite wonderful in this regard.

She’s the kind of person who, at first, comes across as really rather bombastic but yet has the capacity to be completely sensitive and caring – a perfect balance in a friend. You can’t help but feel that, if anyone crosses someone she cares about she’ll put them right at the top of her hit list. Talking of which, she’s also the only person I know who has a fully planned out Zombie Attack Survival Team planned out so she’s got all the group covered in the case of a flesh-eating cadaver based apocalypse.

We have a perfectly normal friendship.

Basically, in case you haven’t guessed Leonoor is the super fun one who I live to mock, mainly because she can 100% mock back and that’s how the friendship goes. She rocks on so many levels and in so many ways and I can truthfully say that I am intensely grateful that she came and terrified me oh so long ago in that urban studies class.

If you want to keep in touch with what Leonoor and I do together then her tag can be found here.

I’m also taking bets on how long it takes for her to kill me for writing half the stuff I wrote in this post 😉