The Selfie Queen
I don’t actually recall how Dania and I met. I’ve asked her. Neither does she. It was obviously a momentous occasion for us both. We did share a class and we shared that class with Leonoor; I’m guessing she had something to do with it.
However, I do remember that Dania was the one who struggled alongside me as we kinda learned to ride. Deciding first thing on a Sunday was the best time for bike rides we braved the early morning Amsterdam streets together and wobbled along together. Then she broke her bike. Yeah, need to start riding together again.
Both of us look significantly more dead than normal.
It was early. Veeeery early.
She’s accompanied me to gigs, shows, festivals… you name it. I don’t know why she does it, out of kindness, pity, or a desire to experience new things but we’ve had some pretty fun times together. I certainly wouldn’t have been able to have gone to many of the things I have been lucky enough to attend without this one kindly tagging along.
Dania the Ice-Cream Fiend
If you’ve known Dania for a little while then you start to know her stock phrases and, more importantly, the way she says them. A bit longer and you’ll be reading her texts in her voice with her exact intonation. Okay, a couple of times I might have made a game out of working out which stock phrase will come next but hey, that’s what friends do, right?
You can always count on her to be up for food and, perhaps more importantly, to sniff out the best places to eat in the area. She’s got a talent for finding ice-cream, I swear it! 
Perhaps the best thing about Dania is she has a contagious excitement about life and the things she encounters. She appreciates the world around her, and especially new experiences, in such a way that everything seems fresh and vibrant to those around her. She’s appreciative. She’s kind. She’s lovely.
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