Freedom From Essays… Finally

Y'know, sometimes you just wonder if someone up there has something in for you. I'm actually quite an organised person, generally, and I had plans for these essays... oh such plans! Just a hint, these plans did not involve panic writing at the eleventh hour but that's kinda what ended up happening. So yes, what [...]


January January January

I think it's fair to say that January and I generally don't get on. To be honest, I'm not sure if many people really do like this month. Anyone? Christmas is over which is just sad. Various money pressures are around (why does tax season come right after major spending season?) and no matter how [...]

An Update in Bullet Point Form

The exceptionally short version of this post: University is nearly over and it's decided that I'm moving back to England in July. Deadlines and packing all around! I know, I know, I know. I'm writing something in a slightly less wordy way than usual. It's bizarre. But no, there is no need to worry, I'm [...]