January January January

I think it's fair to say that January and I generally don't get on. To be honest, I'm not sure if many people really do like this month. Anyone? Christmas is over which is just sad. Various money pressures are around (why does tax season come right after major spending season?) and no matter how [...]


We made it!

Well, we finally did it. On Friday 7th July I graduated along with a lot of the lovely people whose companionship and friendship has blessed me over the past three years. Additionally, I was lucky in that I got to share the day with my parents and with Leonoor, who came, not only as a [...]

An Update in Bullet Point Form

The exceptionally short version of this post: University is nearly over and it's decided that I'm moving back to England in July. Deadlines and packing all around! I know, I know, I know. I'm writing something in a slightly less wordy way than usual. It's bizarre. But no, there is no need to worry, I'm [...]


Bridal Veils, Snow, and Epic Romance

I've been a bit quiet on here as of late and I'll be completely honest with you, there are multiple reasons for this. Firstly, I wrote a post a few weeks back and I forgot to press the post button. Oops. However, if you're interested, you can now read all about what I'm going to [...]


The beginning of the end…

It is all starting to get a bit scary and real right now. The date of my graduation is in, the final semester has begun. So, for the last time of this degree, this is that post where I say what courses I'll be taking and my first impressions of them. These first impressions do [...]


Art History Student-ing

As part of Photograph as a Socio-Political Document - basically my main art history-ish course of this semester - I have to complete a formal analysis of a photograph. Pretty standard assignment. Also, one of my least favourites for so many reasons that I could moan about for hours but hey, I won't bore you [...]


Taking the next step

It's reaching that horrible point in my university career where I have to decide: what next? For me, the fact that I want to carry on with further study has never really come into question. That said, studying at university has made me realise that I probably don't want a career in academia. Although I love [...]