Reading Week Saw Less Reading than Planned

Okay, actually, I probably got most of what I had planned to do this week done and that which is still to do will most likely be completed on the plane home. I'm writing this at quite the pace while waiting to board so please do excuse any typos and general nonsense. So, if you [...]


Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine's Day is a love/hate day for me, as I think it is for a lot of people. I hate the fact that it implies you must declare your love in a material fashion on this one day. I hate the fact that it focuses on romantic love. I hate the fact it has a [...]

January January January

I think it's fair to say that January and I generally don't get on. To be honest, I'm not sure if many people really do like this month. Anyone? Christmas is over which is just sad. Various money pressures are around (why does tax season come right after major spending season?) and no matter how [...]


That ‘Compulsory’ New Year Post

Well, well, well, it's been a funny old year, hasn't it? Actually, looking back on how much has happened in the past year is quite strange. A year ago I was entering into my final semester at AUC with a lot of excitement and not a little trepidation! The next few months were spent with [...]


December in Dutchland

The fact that I was to be spending ten days in the Netherlands in December was something that I had been looking forward to for quite some time. These flying visits have been brilliant but to have enough time to actually see people and take things at a bit more relaxed pace... now that would [...]


Pre-Christmas London Adventures

I think it's pretty fair to say that I am not the most coordinated person ever so the thought of my ice-skating should probably fill you with horror. It certainly did my mother when I told her my plans to go out on the ice today. She told me to be careful not to break [...]


Christmas is Coming!

It's approximately 3 a.m. and I sit here surrounded by Christmas cards. I've not managed to make my own this year because there simply was not enough time but I'm taking great joy in writing every person a little message. Each card makes me think of the person in question and think of them with [...]