Tascha time!!!!

Yesterday was a really exciting day for me as I met up with my dear friend Natascha. Tascha had planned to visit England, being from Austria herself, and I delayed my move in order to get to meet her once again. We last saw each other in Vienna where we spent a good few days [...]


A moment back down in Exeter

In a rush to attempt to see a couple of my closest friends before moving out of the country, I managed to steal a couple of days back in Exeter. The plan was to see Lloyd on day one and Nené on day two. I also planned to drop some stroopwafles off at Aimee's as [...]

Castlefest review: Saturday

For introduction post and Thursday round-up click here, for Friday click here.SaturdayMy plan for the morning was to go and catch the very start of Finvarra's set and then go to see Asynje while my mother stayed at the former. I'd heard bits of Finvarra's music and wanted to listen to them live but as [...]