The Tea Ladies
This lovely lady is my Best Friend. Hands off!

We met in school when I shook her by the hand and introduced myself by my full name. I don’t remember this moment but it apparently had a profound influence on her, scaring her half to death, so she remembers it vividly. It does sound like something I would do.

A year later, aged twelve, wearing full Victorian costume, we snuck out of school between the end of classes and the start of the summer fair. Naturally, we got lost on our way back and ended up running through the Devonian countryside, our skirts flailing behind us as we galloped over farmland in order to get back before we were missed. I believe Aimee’s words were something like: “I hate you, I hate you, I’m never going to talk to you again!”
I’ve never quite worked out why I got the blame right then but I didn’t manage to get rid of her ūüėČ
She’s the friend who for several years attempted to learn to speak wolf and, in doing so, decided to make up her own wolvish language which she taught to the whole group. I distinctly remember them all howling at one of my birthday parties and me, in my signature prim fashion, being decidedly unimpressed.

This was taken at aforementioned birthday party.¬†I’m on the
left, Aimee on the right and yes, I still wear that hoodie.

Aimee’s the friend who managed single-handedly to break every glass in my family home so, when moving into my own flat, I bought a load of plastic cups just for her even though she’s not come to visit me yet. I’ll let her use the real glasses probably but I have to make the point you know. What good are best friends if you can’t wind them up?
She’s the unreliable one. The one who has had me almost literally tearing out my hair from the root with her lack of input and availability. It’s a miracle if she ever, and I mean ever, replies to a message, text, email, skype message, semaphor signal…

Contextually, this image has nothing to do with what I just said.
But it is a nice picture.

But after this long, I think we’re kinda stuck with each other. Her family has become a part of my own and, I know she’s been absorbed into mine. Seriously, I go into her house and I offer to make tea, that is the level of our relationship.
Oh, and if we’ve not found anyone by forty we’re going to marry each other and have cats.
Cats don’t like me but she likes cats.
Urgh, that says how much I love her.

You can see what Aimee and I get up to by stalking the posts with her in them.