Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day is a love/hate day for me, as I think it is for a lot of people. I hate the fact that it implies you must declare your love in a material fashion on this one day. I hate the fact that it focuses on romantic love. I hate the fact it has a way of causing disappointment and hurt, even if only on a superficial level.

But I love Love.

Love is the most beautiful thing in our universe. It’s the thing that makes life special, makes it worthwhile, makes it magical. I often think that the word is too reductive, implying romance, and especially at this time of year. For me, love isn’t just about romance, it’s about that unconditional family love, about the love between friends, about the love we hold for ourselves and the quirks that make us who we are. And that’s just a sample. When there are so many types of love, so many things and people to love, why reduce it to one kind?

Similarly, why reduce it to one day? We all deserve to be told that we’re special to someone, and frequently, both verbally and in the little actions that can brighten a person’s day. Shouldn’t love be a guiding force rather than an incidental to be brought out on predetermined days?

That said, I’m always glad for an excuse to do something special so, while I might still be uncomfortable about the way in which Valentine’s Day commercialises romance, I am all for using it to show people that I value them dearly. Come on, when have you ever known me pass up on an opportunity to send cards and have social times? Last year saw me have a pizza party with some of my closest friends (in which we also got dressed up in bridal veils that just happened to be around!) and I’m lucky that I’m getting to share today with some exceptionally special people too, albeit a completely different bunch!

So, long story very short, I wish you a not only a day that is filled with warmth, happiness, and love in all its forms but a life that is ruled by such beauty, no matter who you may be.

And to those of you who I am lucky enough to be able to call close to me, those of you who I know well, thank you for being in my life. Thank you for making this world a wonderful place to exist in, this day and every day. You are amazing and I love you.




(This post was written in advance and scheduled to post on this day as I knew I’d be too busy spending time with those special people I do get to see today to write this out!)


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