That ‘Compulsory’ New Year Post

Well, well, well, it’s been a funny old year, hasn’t it?

Actually, looking back on how much has happened in the past year is quite strange. A year ago I was entering into my final semester at AUC with a lot of excitement and not a little trepidation!

The next few months were spent with some final classes and the epic task of completing my capstone dissertation. Oh there were some wonderful moments of epiphany, hours lost in novels, paintings, galleries… and the odd bit of complete and utter stress. But even the stressful bits were made bearable (if not fun) by the camaraderie of my brilliant peers and friends.

The summer saw me move back to the U.K. and into my own house, somewhere that I have just about made into my home. I do rather love this little building. Admittedly, I do have a few boxes still hanging around but if there’s one thing I like less than packing… it’s probably unpacking! And this has been a great base for my starting my MA course – a course that is scarily half way through the taught component already.

2017 has also been a year of great change in terms of my social circle. I did lose what I had considered to be not only a very old but a very dear friendship this year which was a great tragedy. However, other than this, I have been so blessed with the people in my life. The old university crowd have scattered to the four winds geographically (and I might have taken to calling them The Headless Chickens because of how hard it is to organise meet ups) but they remain brilliant – I feel that they are a second family. Old friendships have strengthened in ways I could not have foreseen. I  have met some new people who it’s hard to believe I haven’t known for longer and I can’t wait to develop those relationships in the upcoming year.

So, for those of you reading this, thank you for being in my life. Thank you for making the last year vibrant, fun, a year to remember, for supporting me when life got that bit too heavy and for celebrating with me when it was quite simply divine. And thank you for allowing me to share in some of your special moments too.

You’re awesome so let’s make 2018 awesome to match.

Happy New Year!




(By the way, don’t worry, this is a scheduled post, written in advance. I am currently keeping with tradition and seeing in the New Year at the usual place with dancing and champagne!)


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