Plunder, Pyrates!, The Dread Crew of Oddwood

Because a weekend at a festival is clearly not enough excitement and music for one person, I decided to travel from Alphen aan den Rijn to Almere for a pirate themed evening. Well, with Dania back in the country we couldn’t miss the opportunity for what promised to be a thoroughly fun evening and especially not as Pyrates! feature some pretty awesome chappies to boot.

Somehow, Dania and I actually managed to coordinate it so that we met on the train to Almere. We had aimed to do this but the fact we actually succeeded is next to miraculous. Without too many delays we managed to get to our hotel and check in (The Apollo, very nice, well situated, and generally comfortable) and then it was off to the venue. What should have been the easiest leg of the trip ended up being a little more eventful as it might have got a bit colder and… well… ice happened. I think both of us slid a fair amount but, naturally, it had to be me who managed to slip and break my shoe slightly. Luckily it wasn’t bad enough to be terminal but bad enough to limit the evening’s dancing.

Eventually, we arrived with all limbs intact and were greeted by an exceptionally glittery Liz as well as some people she had met while waiting, introduced as Boy and Twins. While I may not be able to give the twins actual names, all three were delightful to be around and only added to the fun so I must thank them for that.

The first act up was Plunder (website|facebook|youtube). After a couple of exceptionally fun sets at this summer’s Castlefest, Kim and I were fully converted to their act. We had looked forward to dancing along together at this show but it seemed circumstances were against either of us dancing what with her very sadly being unable to come and what with my shoe limiting sudden movements. That said, it was an energetic and entertaining set that certainly lived up to memories. I’m looking forward to seeing them again and hopefully with Kim also present. Missed you Kim!

After Plunder it was time for Pyrates! (website|facebook|youtube|spotify). Well, I can’t really say anything bad about these gentlemen… I mean, I’m sure I could find something bad to say but one of them would probably find me and hit me for it! Nah, all joking aside, they’re another great fun act and I am pleased that I’ve had a few chances to see them live this year. That said “Chicken on a Raft” remains quite the work out for the old arms!

Finally it was The Dread Crew of Oddwood (website|facebook|youtube|spotify). I’d wanted to see them as I quite liked their music and the few live video’s I’d seen. Admittedly, I maybe didn’t give them the best chance ever as I wasn’t in the main crowd (Rowan, I’m still blaming you even if we would have been too late without you stopping us!) but I must admit that I was a wee bit underwhelmed. I enjoyed the music well enough but the stage presentation wasn’t to my taste – it seems counter-intuitive to complain that pirates were crass doesn’t it? Anyway, I did find that somewhat off putting which is a shame because I did enjoy the music well enough in between. Who knows, I might have the chance to give them another go some day in the not to distant future and would like to do so!

Although music was obviously the focus of the evening, it was also a delightful social time hanging out with people before, during, and after the show. I mean, I’m not sure that waiting at the train station in the cold was the height of fun (I lie, it was totally worth it) but I was glad to be able to see some familiar faces and have a bit of a chat. Of course, the fact that I got to spend the night with my dear Dania was quite simply the highlight. We might have stayed up gossiping until silly o’clock! I have missed her so much while we’ve been five hours and heaven knows how many miles apart!

The question still remains how Dania and I could be together and only manage to take a couple of generic selfies when we’re usually both photography people but there we go. Life is full of mysteries!



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