Pre-Christmas London Adventures

I think it’s pretty fair to say that I am not the most coordinated person ever so the thought of my ice-skating should probably fill you with horror. It certainly did my mother when I told her my plans to go out on the ice today. She told me to be careful not to break a leg before my trip on Friday. I’m not sure anyone actually ever plans to go out and break a bone but there we go!

That said, London comes alive with a variety of festive ice rinks over this period and, having had an itch to go skating for more than a few weeks now, I simply could not resist. Also, most of them have somewhere next door selling mulled wine so, you know, it would be rude not to. (In the end I didn’t actually partake in any mulled wine)

Luckily for me, I had the dear Natalie who was quite happy to indulge my whims and join me for a delightful day away from the slog of day to day essay writing. She was not only brilliant company but also quite patient with my Bambi impressions. Apparently, if you’ve been ill for quite a time you lose some muscle tone because my goodness, my legs were not happy about me actually using them! I’m going to ache in the morning and it’s totally worth it! So much fun!

We also got to have a quick look around Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park which was where our rink was situated. I say a quick look because, to be quite honest, you could spend a couple of days looking around. It’s the first Christmas market (thing) I’ve ever been to with a Haunted House and roller coasters! Oh, and the circus that sets up on my parents’ road was there – I used to go to every year as a child so that was quite nostalgic. It was perhaps not the most festive in atmosphere but I think as it gets busier closer to the day itself it will become a bit busier and atmospheric.

Our  secondary aim today was to have a look around one of my favourite online haberdashers (who also sell fabric), MacCulloch & Wallis. My verdict is that they have a relatively good selection of higher end fabrics and an exceptional selection of trims. To be honest though, the customer service was pretty poor and I’m not sure they’re unique enough to warrant a second physical visit for just that reason. Natalie did get some rather nice patterned lawn though and I cannot wait to see her creation.

After that it was back home for both of us and, for me, time to continue wrapping gifts and writing cards. Oh and I should probably pack my suitcase for Friday at some point…



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