Christmas is Coming!

It’s approximately 3 a.m. and I sit here surrounded by Christmas cards. I’ve not managed to make my own this year because there simply was not enough time but I’m taking great joy in writing every person a little message. Each card makes me think of the person in question and think of them with fondness as I remember the good times I’ve had with them. It’s beautiful really.

The Christmas tree is up and I’m slowly decorating the rest of the house. I’ve also somehow managed to get all my gifts wrapped, except the couple I still need to buy. I’ve had to be more organised in that regard as a good number of my gifts are going out to The Netherlands at the end of this week. It was completely accidental but it is lovely to have them sat under the tree. The snowflakes aren’t on the ceiling yet but they also got a bit bashed up in the move so I may well have to make some new ones for this year. I don’t mind, exactly, but that is quite a time consuming enterprise!

It’s weird. For all I have a lot to do in terms of essays for my class, I feel really rather content and relaxed at the moment. I think I’ve finally settled in and got on top of things and can just concentrate on enjoying life and finishing this degree. I still don’t know what I’m going to do immediately afterwards but I’m also not stressed by that fact.

It’s truly wonderful to look ahead to the rest of the month and know that it’s going to be full of such superb times. I’m blessed that I’m going to be spending so much time with people I care about, that I’m going to be going on so many festive excursions.

Yes, I really do think that this is my favourite time of year.



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