Could there be more fitting way for a delicate flower to see in her twenty-third year?

In case this title leaves you in any doubt as to what is about to follow my birthday was about a fortnight ago and, yep, I managed to get ill again thus living up to my delicate flower moniker. I guess that’s a bit of a spoiler for the rest of what will be a rather short post, most likely, but there we go.

Actually, I’m going to count my blessing here because I was fine on my actual birthday and had a fantastic time. I returned from my trip to The Netherlands on the Monday (30th October, yep this post took a while) and then it was my birthday on the Tuesday. The morning was spent relaxing with my family, something that I really enjoyed to be quite honest. That probably means I’m getting old!

I was also lucky to be blessed with a fair number of wishes both given over the internet and in traditional card form (yay for real paper!). I have to say though, there was a definite trend in presents this year… gin. I mean, I’m not complaining but am I really that bad? Actually, don’t answer that!

The evening was spent at a (kinda) local restaurant to my parents’, and the place where we tend to spend New Year. It’s always quiet midweek so it was a relaxed end to a relaxed day but with the wonderful company of my parents and the great staff I can’t think of a better way to have spent the day. I really like celebrating with important people and, while all the important people couldn’t be there, I was happy to get to spend the day with the same people who gave me life.

Of course, it was all downhill after that with the attack of the terrible lurgy. Yep, for the second time in one year I managed to get flu. The real flu as opposed to the bad cold flu and this time I was alone with the worst of it (last time I was luckily visiting home when it struck). Actually, in the end my mother came to collect me because it was pretty crap. Two weeks on and I am still not recovered. Laura actually came to visit me this week and I was probably the least fun friend ever. I was like a self pitying slug! She’s epic and I love her and I’m sorry I wasn’t more fun while she was here but there we go!

Have got to say a massive thank you to the people who have been so kind to me over the past couple of weeks though both in my class today and others more generally – you know who you are! I’m also really behind on, well everything, thanks to this but especially on replying to correspondence so please do bear with me on that. What I have managed to do is catch up on the several posts that were sat in my drafts folder staring at me mournfully…. the blog lives! So yep, there will be a few back-posts coming over the next few days, I expect.

And that, ladies and gents, is how I have spent the last two weeks. How thrilling!




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