I’ve arrived!

This is a blog post written on a phone. If it reads fluently and isn’t littered with autocorrect issues it will be a complete miracle. I’ve got better at phone typing over the last few months thanks to increased WhatsApp usage but still… phone typing is not my forte. However, I currently have no wifi connection and so it mobile data all the way.

The last month has been a bit of a transitional one, unsurprisingly. A lot of it focused on me attempting to find somewhere to live. Actually, I found somewhere pretty quickly and yesterday I finally moved in.

Because I don’t ever do anything the simple way, instead of coming straight to the house yesterday, I decided to go via Camden for a wonderful day of mooching and shopping with the one and only Kim. Camden has changed a fair bit since I last visited. It seemed quite a bit less alternative in many ways but it was still a great shopping destination. And oh my good heavens, some of those clothes. I was on my very best behaviour but it would not take much to bankrupt oneself there, I tell you. Kim bought some lovely items and it was so much fun to ‘play dress up’ and generally hang out with her! Can’t wait for next weekend.

After that it was a very hot tube ride (it felt like a botanical garden’s tropical house in there), and a very long train ride (it’s not a long distance but it stops every two minutes!) and I was at the new place.

Oh, did I mention it’s a house? I’m sure I’m not an adult enough adult to have a house all to myself but here we go!

It’s actually a really cute place with an open plan kitchen and living area downstairs and a bedroom and bathroom upstairs. It’s small enough to be comfortable for one person and, when I finally get it together after much unpacking, it’ll be quite cosy, I think. Of course, the rent is high but actually not as much as one would expect in this area. Everything else of about this price was shoebox sized and quite tired, to be polite. I think luck was on my side!

So, the week ahead is going to be busy as I unpack, but food and, eep, actually start at university. Terrifying but exceptionally exciting times ahead!


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