We made it!

Well, we finally did it. On Friday 7th July I graduated along with a lot of the lovely people whose companionship and friendship has blessed me over the past three years. Additionally, I was lucky in that I got to share the day with my parents and with Leonoor, who came, not only as a friend, but also as my personal photographer. (Hi Nora, you have a new job now, don’t you know!) Most photos of the day were taken by her.


The ceremony took place in the Carré Theatre which, for those of you who don’t know, is a stunning venue overlooking the Amstel river. I think we were incredibly lucky to have such a venue for the event, actually. The organisation was a bit chaotic as we all tried to filter though the doors and sign in that we were there. I mean, that bit was also quite fun because everyone was as confused as each other and we were all waiting with our friends so, not complaints there. Oh, and everyone looked so stunning!

Once inside, we spent most of the time trying to work out how to make our new headgear look slightly more attractive. Those mortarboards have an amazing talent of making your forehead look huge and your ears stick out! I have never felt more blessed to have floofy hair that can cover up a multitude of sins!

The very idea of a graduation ceremony is a bit imposing, for me at least. What if you fall on stage or drop the symbolic little piece of paper they give everyone because the diplomas actually aren’t ready or your hat falls off or… you get the idea. I’m  pleased to say that none of this happened. I managed to walk up on stage quite ably (I’ve only been walking for 20+ years, plenty of practice right?) and nothing went wIMG_8747rong. It was really surreal actually. I mean, it’s thirty seconds of adrenaline, I guess, when you’ve been waiting for it for ages. I’ll be totally honest with you, I can’t actually remember  the whole bit where I went up on stage!


I am also really pleased that we actually got to throw the mortarboards. A few universities in the UK seem to have stopped the practice because of health and safety and a number of my friends didn’t get to do it so I’m pleased that we had that opportunity. I actually did get hit with a few as they came down but, you know, the price we pay!

Afterwards, there was time for a quick photoshoot with the river in the background and then it was on to food and cocktails with the parents and Leonoor. The day actually could not have gone better. I’m still in denial that AUC is actually over but I feel like it could not have had a more fitting end.

Thank you to everyone.




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