An Update in Bullet Point Form

The exceptionally short version of this post: University is nearly over and it’s decided that I’m moving back to England in July. Deadlines and packing all around!

I know, I know, I know. I’m writing something in a slightly less wordy way than usual. It’s bizarre. But no, there is no need to worry, I’m not sick… just busy!

  • I have just over a week of my degree left. So many deadlines – including the dissertation. I actually had my dissertation presentation today so that’s one thing down. Two presentations tomorrow though…
  • I think I’m living off tea. 
  • For some reason, I thought it would be a good idea to go to Keltfest this weekend. I’m probably only doing the Sunday though so it could be more stupid, I suppose!
  • I am mentally not ready to graduate. I also don’t have anything to wear but I’m prioritising actually earning the degree over fashion aspects.
  • I would like to publicly announce that my friends are amazing, the ones mentioned here and the ones who aren’t – you know who you are. I am so lucky. Dania in particular has been there for me so much recently. Dania and Nirmal managed to make me incredibly happy after a really tough day (didn’t go unnoticed, you lovely people) and, more generally, Dania and Laura are the most awesome people, always around. Oh and picnicing with Dania and Ryan last night was bliss. See what I mean. Dania is always there!img_0905
  • Looking to the future a bit more, I can finally confirm that I have plans for next year. I have been offered a conditional place at Royal Holloway to study Victorian Literature, Art and Culture which I will hereby rename Victorian Studies because it’s easier to remember. Technically I still have to meet the conditions of the offer but that shouldn’t be a problem as long as I don’t completely fall apart over the next week and a half. I’m over the moon  because, seriously, can you think of a better MA for me?
  • Yes, this means I will be moving back to England. I will be flitting back and forth between the two countries though as flights aren’t impossible, Heleen has a sofa that I plan to claim, a lot of you lovely souls who I call my friends live here, and there’s fun stuff to do too – got to be honest!
  • June will be spent with me socialising with everyone before I move home, attempting to speed pack my flat for international transport. Then there’s that pile of unanswered letters… I also want to try and get my portfolio together because if I had a pound for the amount of times I’ve been asked to share it and I’ve not had one to share… Realistically, I’m likely to sleep… a lot.



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