Elfia time!

After two weeks of panicked hand sewing (my fingers will never be the same again) the costume was as close to finished as it was going to get and it was off to Elfia with Laura and, naturally, Heleen. I haven’t got a lot of time to write this post, to be honest, as I should be working on a capstone deadline, but it deserves a bit of a mention so here goes.

All in all, we had an absolutely fantastic time. I’d only been to Elfia once before and general circumstances (and not so great weather) meant that I didn’t have the best time ever so this year didn’t really have anything to live up to. Anyway, it surpassed the non-existent line! The atmosphere was great this year, possibly because I had such the best of company! There are plenty of bits to see, buy (my lack of bag to put purchases in saved my purse!), and eat (those spirally potato things that probably have a name are divine!) It’s fair to say that Laura is hooked and I can only mourn the fact that she’s not going to be around for Castlefest this summer. However, I have a feeling that next Elfia is a go!

This was the first time I went dressed up to anything like this, and for something thrown together very last minute, I was quite chuffed with the results. I mean, it’s not professional or anything but it’s fun and that is what matters. Laura looked absolutely awesome. I adore her skirt and I may steal it when she’s not looking! Mind you, that girl is lethal with wings – I have never been hit in the face with wings so many times in one day before! (If you’re reading this, love you anyway Laura!) We both found it slightly odd to be photographed – I don’t think we were really expecting it – but it’s a different experience for me… I’m usually behind the camera!

The music was also suited me really well this year. Despite cutting it a bit fine, we managed to make Daemonia Nymphe’s show and, as I’ve wanted to see them for years I was really pleased about it. They didn’t let me down. Thoroughly enjoyed the show. We also caught Shireen, who were great as always although a little loud for me (I forgot my earplugs in the makeup rush of the morning and tinnitus is a thing!) so we had to sit back a bit.

There was also another act that I had wanted to see for quite some while playing: Professor Elemental. I listened to  his stuff quite a lot back when I was in college so it was awesome to get to see him live. He is hilarious, quick witted, and, from watching him with his fans and speaking with him a little myself, an absolutely lovely person too. Seriously, go and see this man perform!

Oh, also, until you have tried getting back home on public transport late at night and on your own, dressed as some kind of fairy thing, you have not lived.


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