Quick Update

It’s been a while, yet again, since I’ve written here. As always, that doesn’t actually mean that nothing’s been going on, and, to the contrary, often suggests busy times. That’s actually been the case over the past few weeks, perhaps unsurprisingly. I thought it about time I posted a general check-in post so this isn’t anything earth shattering but it is a bit of an update.

The majority of my time has been taken up with studying and study related things including, but not limited to, my capstone dissertation. I’m writing on a topic that I love dearly and am fascinated by – luckily – but I’m already coming to hate this task that is floating above my head like some kind of cumulonimbus cloud. (Yes, sleep deprivation is probably impacting on my synonym usage here!) It’s a really strange dynamic of excitement at the prospect of getting the chance to do the thing and the weight of feeling – whether it’s true or not – that this thing is everything that your degree has led up to and you better not mess it up!

Other than that, there have been a fair few little social moments. I guess one of the highlights has to be the completely epic Apocalyptica concert that I attended with Sonja and Dania. I actually half wrote a post about that and never quite finished it so I may upload it and backdate post it in a bit depending on how close it was to completion.

The other highlight has to be the darling Leonoor’s birthday dinner yesterday evening. Having felt rather under the weather the week before, I was really pleased to feel better in time to go and eat good food and socialise with lovely people, both mutual friends of Nora and mine and friends of Nora’s from her new course who I had yet to meet.

As for the foreseeable future? The next couple of weeks look to be equally busy with midterms on the horizon (so many exams and deadlines, oh my!), the wonderful Kim visiting, and birthday season now thoroughly underway. Seriously, why did I befriend so many people with birthdays at this time of year?

All that said, I can’t really remember the last time I wasn’t busy… and I might just enjoy it most when life is this way! I mean, other than the exams, there’s really exciting times ahead!


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