The beginning of the end…

It is all starting to get a bit scary and real right now. The date of my graduation is in, the final semester has begun.

So, for the last time of this degree, this is that post where I say what courses I’ll be taking and my first impressions of them. These first impressions do tend to change, sometimes drastically, so these are not binding but hey, it gives some context for when I talk about them later – and we all know I will

Early to Modern History
This is a first year level course so I suppose it’s intended to be an introduction type course to history. To be quite honest with you, I just really missed studying history so that’s why this one got picked. It’s mainly going over stuff I’ve covered before, unsurprisingly, but mainly focusing on areas I really enjoy. And I finally get to study Louis XIV in a class setting after all those years of him stalking me (if you understand that reference you’ve known me way too long!)

The Art Market and Culture Industry
I have wanted to take this course since the word go really, and enrolled in it once before but it was cancelled. The title is pretty self explanatory, really. It’s about the art market and stuff. Main focus may well be on the stuff side! I’m hoping that this is useful in helping me decide whether I could enjoy going into the business side of art, career wise, or whether it would be  soul destroying.

Rethinking the Global City: The Sublime
So, this course is supposed to pull all the humanities subjects together to make for a more coherent degree. It’s compulsory. The classes are four hours long. The classes are from 10 am until 2 pm which is right over lunch time. The idea seems to be to look at one concept – the sublime – through the lenses of all the disciplines and I’m not quite sure if that adds anything to my degree BUT I’m actually really enjoying it. Four hours is way too long to concentrate though and I only wish it were of a standard length.

And my capstone dissertation is also going on which, if you haven’t worked it out already, is looking at the relationship between Victorian culture and the female characters in the 19th century literary and artistic revivals of interest in Arthurian legend. Kinda. It’s a mouthful but I’m loving it. I get to nerd over pretty pictures, Pre-Raphaelites, poems, mythology etc etc etc. Yep.

Now if you could please promise to remind me just how positive this post is in a few weeks when the stress starts to kick in?


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