Wait, January happened?

I think it’s fair enough to say that January has been one of those months, my end. It’s gone by in a whirl – certainly assisted by the fact that I can’t remember half of it – and not exactly as planned. I guess we should have got the drift when we were up at A&E on New Year’s Day!

After that the whole family got pretty bad colds and I was the first to recover so, for a brief moment, I was the compos mentis party. Then I ended up becoming superduper ill for quite an extended period. Yay for fevers that just will not go away. I seriously am not kidding when I say that I am not sure I’ve ever felt that awful… it challenges that time I had pneumonia and that had me out of college for six months so! All that moaning aside, I am so pleased that I was home for all this because I do not know what I would have done without my family there.

Oh, and add to all that the fact that dad’s been basically living up the hospital and it’s not been a fun time for any of us.

This left me with, basically, one week to do the research I had hoped to do in three. I’d, naturally, cancelled plans so was rather behind. I’ve not done half of what I had planned to do but can’t be helped. I did manage to go and see Zoë when I was in Oxford and we went to a “darling” café (her words which I quite agree with!) that served the most amazing cake I have ever seen and tasted. Why oh why didn’t I take a photo?

Other than that, I would guess the highlight visit for me was the Walker Gallery in Liverpool. I had never been to Liverpool before and considering the stick that it gets (hey, I grew up right down south – the divide is real!) I wasn’t expecting much… and was very pleasantly surprised. I’m going to book myself a long weekend there at some point to have a proper explore. Oh and the Walker Art Gallery was quite simply divine. So well curated, such an amazing collection, delightful staff and their café serves an amazing chocolate brownie. It’s gone up onto my favourite galleries list for sure and I cannot wait to return.

Anyway, a couple of days after Liverpool, this Sunday just gone, it was time for me to wizz back to Amsterdam. The idea was that I could use this weekend to start drafting and get my thoughts in order as well as visit some libraries as half the texts I need are more easily accessible over here than in the UK despite the fact I’m writing about a very UK-centric topic. Some logic there!

I got back from England to find Dania and Leonoor waiting for me at the airport. Weirdly, I had a feeling they might be there but I was quite frankly overjoyed!! The joy was not to last, however, as we got back to my flat and found that some intelligent and lovely such and such had turned my electricity off from the mains switch which is outside the flat itself. I had had a full freezer. Suffice to say, everything was defrosted, rotting, and rancid. Seriously, the stench. Leonoor and Dania valiantly stayed with me while I cleared out the majority of the stuff and I am so grateful to them for doing so because it was quite miserable to return to. The rotten food juice had spread into my room too so that cleaning job has been ongoing for the past three days. Some stuff has had to be thrown out as it’s not savable and I’m still not sure if I will be able to deodorise the freezer to make it usable again. Not bad for someone’s drunken joke, right?

On the bright side, I’ve had an excuse to burn lots of incense (like I need an excuse) and motivation to deep clean my room before semester begins.

That said, I think someone’s got it in for my capstone dissertation!


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