Happy New Year!

So, I don’t think I’ve ever written a blog post at quite this hour or, indeed, after drinking quite so much ouzo. This will probably be one of those posts I do not re-read in the future. Just the thought of doing so makes me cringe! Anyway!

The reason I’m writing this post now as opposed to waiting until I’ve fully recovered (and procrastinated) is because I am waiting for my parents to call me from the hospital. Hey, that sounds dramatic. Dad’s been in the past two days with some kind of skin infection thing and, upon returning home this evening, the swelling and redness had got worse so he’s had to go in quite urgently. We’re pretty sure he’ll be kept in this time but I don’t envy them the early hours of the morning with New Year’s revelers A&E trip.

Anyway, before that little bit of drama, we had a lovely evening. As always we went to a kinda local Greek restaurant (it’s about 40 minutes drive) and, I’m going to be completely honest with you, this place is something special. The food is great, of course, but it’s the staff who are amazing. Charming, friendly and great fun.

Indeed, the atmosphere itself is lovely at New Year in particular. There’s dancing and (out of tune for the most part) singing along to the music. All age groups. Joviality without it being uncomfortably rowdy. Perfect festive spirit. There’s a reason we keep going back again and again.

So that was my evening. Actually, great fun despite the final drama. And here’s hoping 2017 has more of the partying, less of the A&E trips!


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